The United States is in a unique position to make a radical step towards energy independence.

Without a focused way forward we are at the mercy of the energy markets, and they are a brutal ruler.

Instead we choose a path of diversified energy to power our economy and as a nation of can do attitudes we become a force for the change.


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We currently have over 300,000 miles of natural gas pipe line installed in our neighborhoods and towns.

The CNG Compressed Natural Gas engine is the same as a gas engine, as in it uses internal combustion to power the drive train, but with the output of 90% less carbon than the gasoline engine, CNG is the undeclared king of the combustion engine.

The reduced carbon of CNG combustion increases the overall engine life as well as its horsepower ratio is comparable to gasoline combustion.

Though the environmental benefits of a robust CNG powered economy are attractive, a rather exciting prospect would be the United States gaining tremendous strategic societal and economic advantages.

Just a modest 10 to 15 percent conversion to CNG fueling of our commodities transportation trucking and transport industries would yield tremendous opportunities.

The cost of every product that we produce or consume in the United States is dictated by the price of petroleum. Diversified energy through the adoption of CNG fueled vehicles is a simple way of ensuring our great nation does not bow in hopes of mercy to sporadic and often spastic petroleum markets.